Let’s Chat: Tablet Vs Book Vs Audiobook?


As all readers know, there are typically three ways to “read”:

books, audio versions, and tablets.

I am a “paper book” reader all the way. I love the smell of the pages. I love the way a books feel in my hands. I love the sound of the pages turning.

That said, I can understand the attraction of the other options. Purse not large enough for a giant hardcover book but easily can house a small tablet?  Yes please. Having tons of books preloaded on your device just waiting to be read wherever you are, even on vacation? Amazing. Driving AND enjoying a book at the SAME time while listening to an audiobook? Sounds like a dream.  However, none of that in my mind even compares to the feel of a “paper” book…

Full disclaimer: I have never even tried to listen to an audiobook nor I have I ever tried to read on a device. Zero desire. Paper books all the way for me…

So tell me, what are your thoughts? Are you like me and will only read paper books? Do you love the convenience of having all of your books on a tablet? Are you someone who listens to audiobooks on your daily commute?  What positives and negatives have you found in each? Do you still consider it “reading” if listening to an audiobook? I’m interested in hearing what you think in the comments!