I SO Wish Authors Stop Doing This {Part 1} and our Family Getaway to Great Wolf Lodge

I find that as I read different books, there are common thoughts that run through my mind.  Things that I wish authors would stop doing and things that I wish authors would do more often are always among those thoughts.  I present to you a new series I’m calling “I Wish Authors Would Stop Doing This” which will highlight some of these common thoughts.  Aaaaand just for fun, a little glimpse into our fun family getaway to Great Wolf Lodge at the end of this post 🙂

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw in my stories that I recently started reading this book.

I don’t have much of an opinion on it yet as I’m not very far into it but I do have one opinion on something that I instantly loved…


Oh how I love when books have short chapters! I just love flying through short chapters!  It holds my interest so much better than long chapters do.

I HATE when I decide to “read just one more chapter”…and find that means I will now be reading 30 more pages.  More often that not this means I won’t even begin reading the next chapter and the entire book will therefore take me longer to finish.

I SO wish more books could be written with shorter chapters.  I understand that sometimes stories simply won’t allow for it at certain times in the plot…but how wonderful if they could!  Break up that scene!  Leave the chapter with a cliffhanger that won’t allow the reader NOT to continue reading!

The best example of a book with perfect short chapters (some even just 1 page) is THIS BOOK.  There are over 100 chapters in that book…but each is only between 1-3 pages!  I literally FLEW through that book because those short chapters held my interest in a way that 30 page chapters simply never could have.

I SO wish authors would STOP writing lengthy chapters!

I personally believe that the perfect length of a chapter ranges somewhere between just a few pages and maybe 10-15ish?

How about you?  Do you like it better when books are written in shorter chapters?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

And now I’ll leave you with some pictures of our family getaway last weekend to the Great Wolf Lodge (Gurnee, IL).  There were 15 of us total, we all wore matching wolf t-shirts, and we had the best time.

My sister-in-law gave this to me a few months before I got married.  It has come with me on every single vacation, overnight stay, getaway, etc. that I have taken over the past 10 years!

My little wolves:

Check out this video…I did the ropes course! It was terrifying.

Have you been to Great Wolf Lodge?  We are big fans!  This was our 5th visit 🙂

Hope you are having a great Wednesday!



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