My Library Drive Thru is OPEN!

My library drive thru is OPEN!  I repeat: My library drive thru is OPEN!


While nobody is allowed into the building, the drive thru is now officially back OPEN!

This stack of library books has been sitting and just waiting to be returned for MONTHS.

(Of all of the books in this stack, the 3 that I would recommend the most are this one, this one, and How to be a T. Rex (affiliate).

***It’s worth noting that I never received the call that my books were ready for pickup at the library.  However, I pretty much stalked my account on the library’s website until I saw that they were.  I wish I could say that I only did this because I’m bored in quarantine buuuuuut I do this even in the absence of a global pandemic.  #booknerd***

I tossed these overdue books and my children into the car and we were OFF!

This was the last time I was at our beautiful library.  March 12th. 92 DAYS AGO. Carefree, unmasked, ungloved.

Aaaaaaaand today:

Ready for either an innocent trip to the library or to go and rob a bank.  Either way, I’m prepared.

So sad.

Beautiful, empty building.

Why don’t all libraries have a drive thru?!?  It’s always amazing but especially during these times.  So thankful.

The process of checking out the books today was seemless.  The wonderful librarian didn’t even touch my library card, I just held it up for her to scan.  When she handed me the books, I touched the opposite end of them from where she was touching.  Perfect.

Here are the 3 books that I got today:

(As with everything else, these will sit in our garage for the next 3 days before I bring them into our house to be disinfected.  The waiting will be pure torture for me).

Have you read any of these 3 books?  Which should I read first?

FYI I finished reading this book and will have a full review posted here ASAP!  Stay tuned…

And finally, this is how I’m currently blogging. It’s GORGEOUS outside here today!

***I’ve been back at home now for about an hour sitting here and working on this blog post. A librarian JUST called to tell me that my books are ready to be picked up.  She seemed quite surprised when I informed her that I already have them before I even received the call!  Lady, you clearly don’t know who you’re dealing with 😉



Is your library open yet?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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