Food Poisoning.

I got food poisoning last week and MOTHER OF GOD was I sick.  Do you follow me on Instagram?  If so, you probably saw my story of a picture of the beautiful table all set for dinner and the words saying that my husband was currently out picking up Chinese food for us.  I had put cute blinking hearts all around it and the caption “Hurry home Jon” on it.  I believe there may have even been a heart eyes emoji?

Jon did in fact come home that night and the Chinese dinner he brought with him was consumed.  It was delicious!  We caught up on This is Us while we ate.  It was quite a lovely evening.

And roughly 4 hours later I became VIOLENTLY ill…and continued to be violently ill for the next 24 hours.

I will spare you the details but I will say that it was absolutely miserable.  I may never eat Chinese food ever again…aaaaand as I typed that sentence I realized how ridiculous that sounds.  It’s my favorite!  I’ll totally eat it again, obviously.  I just need a few days. #mustpushthrough

The only thing I managed to do on Friday was to get myself together enough to drive my daughter to school….only to realize once we got there that there was no school.  I almost started crying in the parking lot!  Thank Goodness my wonderful husband was able to come home from work early that day.  I was truly the worst possible version of myself.

Things I was thankful for as I laid in bed:

  1. The amazing age gap between my children (4 years) allowed my daughter to take care of my son for me.  She fed him his meals, played with him, and gave him all of the attention that I was unable to give.  I could write an entire post on why I personally believe that 4 years is the PERFECT gap in between having children and this was just one more reason I’m so thankful it’s what we chose.  She loved helping and he loved having her take care of him. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if she were not home on Friday to help me with him.  She’s amazing and I’m so lucky!  Bless her school district for having the day off.
  2.  Once my husband came home from work and was able to give both of our children love and attention…I was able to catch up on FIVE episodes of The Bachelor as I laid in bed completely helpless.  That just shows how sick I was…my head was pounding so hard that I couldn’t even read (=my version of hell).  Thank goodness Colton Underwood was able to provide me with all of the entertainment I needed.

To those of you who went to Whimsy Cafe for my storytime on Friday, I’m so sorry I wasn’t there!  A few of you emailed saying you went to see me and I feel horrible that I wasn’t able to be there.

It’s now 4 days later and I’m happy to say that I made it out alive.  Holy hell.


Now both of my kids are sick.  My son just has a cold but my daughter is having symptoms very similiar to mine so maybe mine wasn’t food poisoning afterall?  No idea.  Both kids are home from school today so I’ll be watching closely and calling our pediatrician if need be.  My husband has an important work trip today in St. Louis which had been planned for months and he left on an airplane last night. He comes home today and I am COUNTING THE MINUTES.  It’s so awful here!  2 sick kids at the same time is no joke.  Yesterday and last night were BRUTAL. Both kids woke up today feeling better but we are still staying home all day just in case.  I’m exhausted and my coffee is extra delicious (and needed) this morning.  Our day today shall include puzzles, play doh, books, Barbies, and fingers crossed…naps.  For them.  I will read. 🙂

I’m currently reading (and by “currently” I clearly don’t mean today…) this book and it absolutely terrifies me that my 7 year old daughter will one day become a teenager. It is completely unfathomable to me that this is the digital reality in which we now live where situations like this must be happening to teenagers every single day. On a side note, this book is also making me want to live in a fancy hotel. 🙂 I’ve got roughly 100 pages left and loving it so far! I’ll post a full review on the blog when I’m done reading.

In happy news, Book Coffee Happy now has over 1,000 followers on Instagram! What?!? It’s just crazy that so many people actually care about what I think about books. How fun! 🙂

My library called…THIS BOOK is in and waiting just for meeeeeeeeee!  I put it on hold MONTHS ago, long before it was even released (it was released at the beginning of February).  I cannot WAIT to read this one!  I may or may not have been religiously stalking the library website to see how close I have been getting to the front of the queue.  Does anyone else do that?!?  #booknerd

And just because the one and only photo in this entire post is of my Instagram feed, here is a photo of my new mug.  It’s amazing.

Stay healthy, friends.  And please enjoy some delicious Chinese food for me as I’m not sure when the next time I’ll be able to enjoy my favorite meal will be.  Until we meet again, pan fried noodles…*sobs*



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7 thoughts on “Food Poisoning.

  1. Had it last night and just fine! 😄. Sorry you were so sick but I bet it is the terrible flu going around!! Be careful and stay well!! Hope the kids feel better soon!! Also that is why Amy and Adam are 4 years apart to the day, as you know!! Amy’s 4th birthday present! Love you and take care. ❤️😭⭕️💋

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  2. So sorry to hear about your hell of being sick. I could completely empathize, at least from the point of view of a husband in those circumstances. My wife and I had seven children (they’re all grown up now) and we did not have the 4 year gap foresight that you had. Holy hell is the right description for those times when we traded sicknesses back and forth while trying to carry on with parenting and work duties. It was quite painful for me to read your excrutiating post. I hope you’re out of it now, or at least can see the endpoint.

    Get better and stay that way,


  3. Sorry you had food poisoning. I hope it wasn’t from the place where your husband and/or his brother used to work. I believe I worked with his brother in the early-mid 90’s. 🙂 Sometimes people have reported food poisoning from our favorite Kosher Chinese place, but we usually avoid those dishes when we go. Glad you are feeling better now and hope your kids feel better soon. Have you read WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING yet? I finished it recently and it was so good!


    1. That’s exactly where our dinner was from and THANK GOD I determined that it was not food poisoning afterall…my husband and daughter both were sick and we determined it was indeed some type of stomach flu or something. So awful. I’m just so happy that it wasn’t my favorite Chinese restaurant! That would have been terrible!


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