Walt Disney World Vacation Tips and Tricks VLOG!

There are SO many tips and tricks which can help you have the most magical Walt Disney World vacation possible!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my family and I have spent past week in the happiest place on Earth.

It was truly magical and the memories that we made will stay with me forever. I honestly never understood people’s infatuation with Disney and now I completely do.  Take me baaaaaaack!!!

As for the books I read while I was there, I wish I had more on this to report but…


When I posted this post a few weeks ago, a few of you told me that my reading expectations were a bit unrealistic for Disney…


I read this book for a bit on each flight…and that was it.  It sat on my nightstand for the duration of our entire trip and I opened it exactly ZERO times.  By the time we got back to our hotel room each night, I used whatever strength I had left to brush my teeth before I fell asleep.  This has NEVER happened on a vacation before…usually I read a TON!  It felt so strange to me to take so many days off from reading and I promptly returned to my book as soon as we got home.

As for the trip itself, I have SO MANY thoughts, suggestions, and pieces of advice for you!  I forgot to discuss a few things in this video (we did another character dining meal at Tusker House, etc.) but most of the big stuff is mentioned.

I wanted to create a video to help those of you planning a trip and to answer the questions that people have messaged me.  Reading about other people’s Disney vacations was so incredibly helpful to me before we left!  I wanted to return the favor for those of you who are thinking about booking a flight to Florida (or for those of you who just love Disney and want to hear about what we did there).  We did EVERYTHING and got on the plane at the end of the week feeling completely satisfied with all of the experiences that we had.  Hands down one of the best and most memorable vacations we have ever taken.

Enjoy watching this video! Spoiler alert: I cry twice 🙂

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One thought on “Walt Disney World Vacation Tips and Tricks VLOG!

  1. Loved your video! I watched the entire thing and love it so much! Fanny packs and gross sick people made me crack up!! Sad 50’s Prime Time didn’t live up to expectations! Fireworks at MK make me cry every time too!!


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