Weekend Plans: Printer’s Row Lit Fest

This weekend marks the 35th anniversary of the Printer’s Row Lit Fest and I can’t WAIT  to attend!

You can learn more about the Printer’s Row Lit Fest HERE.

The Printer’s Row Lit Fest prides itself on being the “largest free outdoor showcase in the Midwest” and it’s AWESOME.  On Sunday I will be taking myself on a special date downtown and will spend the day meeting authors, browsing books, listening to speakers, watching demonstrations, and so much more all in my very favorite city (Chicago).  I wonder what treasures I will come home with?!? As a bonus, the Midwest Writer’s Association and the Windy City Historians will have a tent and I’m excited to stop by and say hi (read about the first time I met these lovely groups of people HERE).

Check out this video to see Lit Fest highlights from 2 years ago:

The last time I attended the Printer’s Row Lit Fest was in 2004 and I absolutely loved it.  My best friend and I went specifically to listen to Julie Andrews speak about her new children’s book that had recently been released.  I am a HUGE Julie Andrews fan (The Sound of Music is hands down one of my all time favorite movies) and listening to her speak was pure magic.  I cried. 🙂 I’ll never forget the kids in the front row holding up a poster that read “Please be our nanny!”  So, so cute.

I will write a recap blog post all about the Printer’s Row Lit Fest once I’m back but if you would like to follow along on my adventure, I will be posting live to my Instagram stories throughout the day on Sunday!

I’m A Chef and My Kids Want Buttered Noodles Giveaway Winner:

Thank you to everyone who entered the I’m A Chef and My Kids Want Buttered Noodles Giveaway!

Congratulations Jana H (My absolute favorite meal is crab cakes! I’d love to check out some new recipes!)!  Please email me your mailing address to bookcoffeehappy@gmail.com!  Enjoy your new cookbook 🙂

If you didn’t win this one….fear not!  I have some wonderful giveaways scheduled throughout the summer.  Stay tuned 🙂

What are your plans this weekend?  Anything exciting?  Are any of you going to Lit Fest?  If you do and happen to see me there…please come say hi!  I’ll be the one aimlessly walking around with a gigantic smile on my face.  I’m so excited!



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