Let’s Chat: Read the Book First or Watch the Movie First?


After I published my last post with my review of A Simple Favor and saying how I now have zero desire to watch the movie, it got me thinking about books I have read which also happen to have movie versions.

If I read a book that happens to have a movie version, I may or may not then decide to watch the film.  However, one thing that I will ALWAYS do after I finish reading the book is to immediately Google it and watch the movie trailer! Just seeing the casting choices and snippets 99 percent of the time is enough to fulfill my curiosity of how the movie was made (obviously I never do this before I finish reading the book as I avoid spoilers at all costs).

As I’ve mentioned in my list of 100 things that I love…I pretty much hate watching movies and will ALWAYS choose watching a tv show or reading a book for entertainment.  Books and tv trumps movies anytime 🙂

However, if I DO happen to watch the movie version first….there is NO WAY I will then go and read the book!  Never!  I would be much more inclined to watch the movie after reading the book than the other way around although truthfully I usually just do one or the other.

Not to mention (and this should be an obvious statement but I’ll make it anyway), 99 percent of the time the book is better (one of the only exceptions to this rule might be this book but I still haven’t actually seen the movie).  I do plan on doing an entire blog post on this topic soon 🙂

So how about you?  Do you typically read the book or watch the movie version first?  And if you do see the movie first…will you then go and read the book?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!



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11 thoughts on “Let’s Chat: Read the Book First or Watch the Movie First?

  1. “However, if I DO happen to watch the movie version first….there is NO WAY I will then go and read the book! Never!”
    This! I’d watch the movie of a book I’ve read, but I’m not keen on reading the book of a movie I’ve already watched. I think it’s because when I’m reading I create the characters in my head. If I’ve already seen them on the screen, my imagination doesn’t need to create them and I struggle to enjoy the book as much. I’d be interested to hear what others think!

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  2. I try to read the book first whenever possible. If I know I’m not going to ever get to the book, the movie is a decent substitute. I won’t read a book after seeing a movie, thanks to Jurassic Park. The movie was so good and the book was boring in comparison.

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    1. Interesting. I can totally see how the book version of that movie wouldn’t be able to compare! Some things are better left written and some things are better left seen! It’s rare that the 2 can coexist.


  3. Book first, nearly 100% of the time. But if I happen to not know it is a book and like the movie, I will then read the book. I recently bought a shirt that says “the book was better.” And since that is universally true, if I like a movie I always read the book because I’m almost positive it will be better.

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  4. Usually I only watch the movie first if I don’t know it’s based off a book (Pitch Perfect, for example, is based on a book… What???), or if I don’t think I’m probably going to be interested in reading the book. I watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before because I don’t usually love YA romance, but fell so in love with it that I just *had* to read it, which is really unusual for me.

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