Snow, Halloween, and Books!

It’s SNOWING!  On Halloween!  I’m so happy, I’m so obsessed with snow.  Feels like such a fun bonus to have our first snowfall of the season on Halloween!  Other towns around us are canceling trick or treating today and are postponing until Saturday.  Ridiculous!  Halloween is Halloween and this will be a fun memory for my kids.  We will definitely freeze…but this will always be a Halloween to remember

My favorite fall bush.

My kids and I spent so long attaching creepy spider webs to our bushes and now you can barely even see them.

Our neighbor’s house.  This cracked me up!  Poor ghost!

Last weekend when it was still actually fall:

And this.  Our clown.  He’s over 10 feet tall, lights up at night, and he’s AWESOME.  He fell over last week and our neighbor texted me “CLOWN DOWN”, lol.

Today.  Clown down.

As for reading, I’ve been in a bit of a book rut.  First I started reading this one…

….and was so bored that I eventually called it quits.

Then I started reading this one…

….and was so bored that I eventually called it quits.


And now I’m reading this one.  It’s cute!

I posted this on Instagram:

So confusing, right?!?  Apparently I’m not alone because the author of the book somehow got wind of my post and commented:

Super cool!  Love that she commented!  I’ll post a full book review when I’m done reading.

Last Sunday, this happened:

Love it.  So did Lisa Barr!  I did warn Grandma that it’s a bit of a…sexy…novel 😉

Remember when I told you that my daughter has to read for 20 minutes each night for her school homework assignment?  This morning she apparently took it upon herself to silently read in her bed for 20 minutes because she knew that with Halloween she might not have the chance tonight!  I was SO proud to initial her reading log for today and send it back to school 🙂 She did a GREAT job this month!  Proud mama over here.

Her new favorite book series is Dog Man (affiliate). Have any of you or your kids read it?  They seem so weird to me but she LOVES them???  Currently obsessed.  I haven’t actually read them but from what she’s told me they just seem so strange???  I don’t get it.

Happy Halloween!  Any fun plans today?  I’m spending the afternoon at my daughter’s school Halloween party.  Can’t wait to trick or treat!  My daughter and I are going as unicorns and my husband and son are going as dinosaurs 🙂

Speaking of being excited…I can’t wait for Saturday!  One of my absolute favorite days of the entire year!  It’s heeeeeeeeeeeere!  Be sure to follow along on our adventures on Instagram…I’ll be posting Instastories throughout the day 🙂

Happy Halloween!



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4 thoughts on “Snow, Halloween, and Books!

  1. I enjoyed One Night at the Lake. Sorry it wasn’t grabbing you. #NoTwoReadersAreAlike
    I haven’t read Evie Drake yet. Thanks for the reco.
    So cute about The Unbreakables, but there are those steamy scenes. LOL!
    Hope you’re enjoying Halloween so far. My oldest and youngest dressed up for school. My son is Mark from Rent (see my FB post). My daughter is Regina George (posting pics later). I don’t know if we’ll trick-or-treat. Raining here. If my daughter asks, we’ll see what happens. I’m not offering otherwise. We do the treat giving and receiving at Purim for the most part.
    My younger two enjoy the Dogman series. 🙂
    Happy Halloween! Have fun with your friends this weekend.


  2. We had a great though thankfully snow free Halloween here. It being half-term we got more than the usual amount of witches, ghosts and other scary characters which means less left over goodies to tempt me.

    Loving your clown … not to mention your neighbour’s sense of humour ‘clown down’ (LOL).


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