***INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY*** This is Not How it Ends {Rochelle B. Weinstein}

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest blog review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I absolutely loved Somebody’s Daughter by Rochelle B. Weinstein.  I read that book over a year ago and I still think about it.  If you haven’t read that one yet, do yourself a favor and read it.  It’s such an important topic and the way she presents it is incredible.  You can read my review of Somebody’s Daughter here.

So obviously when I was asked if I would like to receive a copy of Rochelle Weinstein’s newest book ahead of it’s January 1st release, of course I said yes!

When it arrived in the mail, I was surprised to find that it also contained this adorable little package of Kleenex.  How cute is that?!

Receiving this package of Kleenex was my first clue that I might cry while reading this book.  Ummm…I didn’t cry.  I SOBBED.  In the absolute very best way.  In fact, I messaged Rochelle Weinstein very late one night to share a fun fact that I discovered while reading…eye cream BURNS when it mixes with tears!  Who knew?! Like…for real. It hurt.


When Charlotte and Philip meet, the pair form a deep and instant connection. Soon they’re settled in the Florida Keys with plans to marry. But just as they should be getting closer, Charlotte feels Philip slipping away.

Second-guessing their love is something Charlotte never imagined, but with Philip’s excessive absences, she finds herself yearning for more. When she meets Ben, she ignores the pull, but the supportive single dad is there for her in ways she never knew she desired. Soon Charlotte finds herself torn between the love she thought she wanted and the one she knows she needs.

As a hurricane passes through Islamorada, stunning revelations challenge Charlotte’s loyalties and upend her life. Forced to reexamine the choices she’s made, and has yet to make, Charlotte embarks on an emotional journey of friendship, love, and sacrifice—knowing that forgiveness is a gift, and the best-laid plans can change in a heartbeat.

This Is Not How It Ends is a tender, moving story of heartbreak and healing that asks the question: Which takes more courage—holding on or letting go?

My Thoughts:

(Disclaimer: I will never post spoilers in my reviews HOWEVER the comment section is completely fair game to discuss any and all specifics including spoilers)

I truly loved this book.  In fact, it was among my favorites that I read in 2019!

The multifaceted characters, the intricate storylines, the beautiful settings…all of it spoke directly to my heart.  The depths of emotions that each character felt were so beautifully articulated and made my heart continuously see characters from different angles the further I read into the story. I LOVED it.  I found myself thinking of these characters when I wasn’t reading which is always the sign of a great book. I couldn’t wait to pick it up again each day!  I wanted to read quickly to find out what would happen and yet at the same time, I wanted to read slowly just to savor it so it wouldn’t end. I LOVE books that make me feel like that.

Over the past year, Rochelle and I have become friends and I’m so proud of her and of her beautiful new book.  It’s always tricky for me to review a book written by someone whom I adore…what if I don’t adore the book???  I’m happy to report that I truly love this book and it has absolutely nothing to do with how much I love it’s author.  Both this book and this author are absolutely beautiful!

These characters, these storylines, these settings…all of it will stay with me for quite some time. I really loved this book. You will, too.

Bottom Line

Read this book now.  Apply eye cream later.

A Conversation with Rochelle Weinstein, In Her Own Words:

How did you create the idea for your book?

The idea for This Is Not How It Ends came from her big sister What We Leave Behind. An early fan favorite, the novel captured a heart-wrenching love story that resonated with many readers. I’d been itching to write a similar story, one which pulled all the heart strings. And here we are.

What audience would be most interested in your book?

I’d say my books are for women of all ages. Especially book club readers. And I do have some awesome male readers. If you’re the kind who’s willing to go deep, I think you’ll find my work satisfying.

Where can your book be purchased?

Amazon and some select independent bookstores.

Use 3 adjectives to describe your book:

Heartbreaking. Emotional. Unforgettable.

Any additional information that you would like to provide about you or your book:

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**My favorite love story is my own!  My husband and I are high school sweethearts.  We broke up the night before I left for college…and got back together 11 years later.  We now have 2 children, bought a house in the town where we grew up, and our kids will one day attend the same high school that we did!  We drank out of our prom champagne glasses at our wedding and Jon’s prom bow tie is current;y displayed in our china cabinet).**

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18 thoughts on “***INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY*** This is Not How it Ends {Rochelle B. Weinstein}

  1. Following you and subscribed to your blog. My favorite love story is my parents who were married 61 years (10 years ago) before my mother died. I believe they would have lasted 70 if they were both still alive.


  2. My favorite love story is my own as well. We meet in a chat room when AOL used to send out the disks. Made it thru 3 years old me being away at school. Got married and had to amazing children moved back to my hometown!


  3. Just discovered your blog. Loving it. While I like second chance stories and unexpected loves, I have to say my story is my favorite love story as well. My husband transferred to my school in 7th grade. What a big mouth, I thought. For my 14th birthday after 8th grade I invited the entire class but summer birthday, mostly no shows except for the big mouth. Told his mother to “go home and come back or drive around the block, please” when time to be picked up. When he left told me his schedule was very busy but he would try to fit me in and call me in 3 weeks or so. 7:30 the next morning I guess the 3 weeks was up. Together through high school, married at 18, 50th wedding anniversary this past June. 🙂 (and that book sounds wonderful!)


  4. My favorite love story is my own! My husband and I met as juniors in college, as I was in the midst of a terrible break up with a toxic jerk. We became best friends first (we were even roommates for a summer), all the while falling in love with each other. Our senior year he told me in the midst of a heated discussion about our futures, “You know we’re going to get married one day!” and we realized it was probably time we started dating and had our first official date the next day, lol. We got married a year after graduation, and more than twenty years after that first date, we’re still happily married. ❤️


  5. I don’t have a favorite love story, but love all great love stories, in real life as well as novels/movies..My parents own love story which I didn’t hear much about it from them, and they have already passed… But I know they loved each other dearly in their ❤️.. My in-laws have married for over 60 years, and they always expressed their love for each other… My father in law just passed 2 weeks ago at age 98 but his love is always with us..


  6. My favorite classic love story is Pride & Prejudice. Who could resist Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy! More recently it’s the movie You’ve Got Mail.


  7. I love my own love story best but I also love Pride & Prejudice. As a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, I love Trista & Ryan Sutter’s journey to happiness. I loved The Notebook too! I can go on and on. It’s hard to have one favorite!


  8. My love story is from my favorite book. A Knight in Shining Armour by Jude Deveraux. I’ll just try to shorten the story. He comes out in the 20th century to a woman and of course they fall in love after all is figured out but will he be able to stay in the 20th century or does she have to go back with him. I’m not going to spoil a terrific book but love is never ending for them both. It was my first historical fiction book and thus became my addiction to books. Thank you for the chance to win. It was nice to get to know you a little in your blog. Have a nice day.


  9. Already subscribed to your blog.
    A favorite love story is from the movie Love with a Proper Stranger. I even once cancelled a date to stay home and watch it again bits an old movie, but a good one!


  10. I commented early this morning, but my response doesn’t show.

    I subscribe to your blog.

    My favorite love story is the movie “Love Story” (Love means never having to say your sorry.).That really dates me – haha. I also mentioned I like dog stories and the love between a master and his dog. I read “The Art of Racing in the Rain” a long time ago, then saw the movie last year. Both excellent.

    I commend all the comments that state their favorite love story is their own. That’s wonderful.


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