1 Book I’m Currently Reading (Eh), 1 Coffee I’m Currently Drinking (IT’S SO CREEPY), 1 Thing Currently Making Me Happy (Delicious)

Book Coffee Happy’s newest series where I share the book I’m currently reading, the coffee I’m currently drinking, and 1 thing that is currently making me happy!

Book I’m Currently Reading:

Goodreads Synopsis of Followers {Raziel Reid}:

A naïve teenager is thrown into the high-stakes, back-stabbing world of reality television.

After a disastrous date results in her arrest, sixteen-year-old Lily Rhode is horrified to discover her mugshot is leaked on a gossip website. Lily is the niece of Whitney Paley, a Hollywood housewife and star of reality show Platinum Triangle, a soap-opera-style docu-series in the vein of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Hills, revolving around several glamorous families living in the Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Holmby Hills neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

When Lily’s mom kicks her out of their trailer home in the Valley, Whitney (Lily’s mom’s estranged sister) invites her to live with her, her movie-star husband, Patrick, and their daughter, Hailey. Lily is set up in the pool house and thrust into the company of reality-star offspring — kids who are born with silver spoon emojis on their feed. Lily’s cousin Hailey and the other teens have lived their entire lives on camera and are masters of deception, with Hailey leading the pack.

As Lily learns from the Paleys how to navigate her newfound fame, she finds herself ensnared in the unfolding storylines. What Lily doesn’t know is that she’s just a pawn being used on the show to make the Paleys look sympathetic to viewers while distracting from on-set sexual misconduct rumors surrounding super hero dad Patrick Paley . . .

Is Lily safe under Patrick’s roof? Or will Lily be Patrick’s downfall? If she isn’t destroyed by Hailey first. When Lily catches the eye of Hailey’s designated leading man Joel Strom — it’s war! 

I’ll post my review once I finish reading! So far it’s…just ok.

Coffee I’m Currently Drinking:

I bought this beautiful coffee mug on our recent getaway to Galena, IL. I explained the backstory behind the mug and why it’s special to me in THIS POST.

So I’m obviously in love with the saying on this mug. It’s a beautiful saying! The size of the mug is a wonderful size, not too big and not too small. Overall it’s a lovely mug.

However, do you want to know what I’m NOT in love with? Wait for it, wait for it….


The black shiny mug is SO freaking shiny that as I near finishing my delicious coffee….who’s staring back at me? Ummmm ME. And it’s so creepy.

Oh hey lover.

Apparently I now take my coffee with Splenda, Half and Half, and….my face.

Coffee, coffee, coffee, aaaaaaand….FACE.

So creepy.

Currently Making Me Happy:

On April 17th, my husband and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary! Next year we will get a babysitter but this year we had a 9 year old and a 5 year old at our romantic dinner, lol. Our kids loved it! We ate such a delicious dinner (for those of you who are local…I highly recommend Bobby’s in Deerfield). We ate in a private igloo outside and it was beautiful. I’m still dreaming of this charcuterie board! It as DELICIOUS and my family of 4 absolutely CRUSHED it, lol.

How gorgeous is this???

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is filled with love and BOOKS!

What are you currently reading?

What coffee are you currently enjoying?

What is 1 thing currently making you HAPPY?



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5 thoughts on “1 Book I’m Currently Reading (Eh), 1 Coffee I’m Currently Drinking (IT’S SO CREEPY), 1 Thing Currently Making Me Happy (Delicious)

  1. That coffee mug is funny! I never even thought to look at myself at the bottom of a coffee much, so It must have been funny to see how reflective it was.


    1. I love the coffee mug! Happy Anniversary. And I just started American Dirt. I wasn’t going to read it – I was sorta boycotting the white author, but EVERYONE said I needed to read it because it’s that good. I started yesterday and I’m still crying about the first couple chapters. I’m heartbroken because I know this stuff really happens.


      1. Isn’t it so horrible to think about? Those first few chapters were so powerful…and the book gets even more powerful the more you read. I really loved it. I hope you will, too! Let me know!


  2. Too crazy about the coffee mug!
    The book you’re reading sounds interesting. I’m curious to see your review when you’re done.
    Currently reading: Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson and Half Life by Jillian Cantor. I’m enjoying both.
    Currently drinking: The same French vanilla tea as usual.
    Currently making me happy: April is almost over and I’ll be fully vaxxed next week.


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