BLOGMAS: I Bought 5 New Books!

BLOGMAS: I Bought 5 New Books!


Do you remember from THIS POST when I said that I hadn’t bought myself a birthday present yet this year? Well, I now have and I think it’s a lovely present indeed. 5 new books!

I discussed this story before but I’ll quickly summarize the backstory in fragments: Last spring, Little Free Library, found book, took book, researched book, discovered it was #2 in a series, emailed author, was told although it’s a series each book can be read as a standalone novel, waited until holiday season to start reading, read book.

Ok now that you are all caught up, let’s move on.

So I read Snow Deer and Cocoa Cheer, absolutely LOVED it (review coming soon), and immediately decided I needed book #1. My library didn’t have it so I made a quick Amazon order and my new book arrived within 48 hours.

Halfway through reading Snowflakes and Coffee Cakes (book #1), I decided that I definitely wanted to read the rest of this series! I’m just loving it so much! At this point I was also in search of a birthday present for myself and suddenly I knew just what to do.

A few clicks later and the other 5 books had been ordered. I’m loving this adorable town in this series so much and I’m just not ready to leave the wonderful little town of Addison, Connecticut!

If you are looking for a super light, small town, Christmas, feel good, heartwarming, Hallmark movie type book series….this series is GREAT so far. I’m currently reading book #3 (Cardinal Cabin). I am absolutely loving this small town and it’s adorably lovable residents so much. This series is WONDERFUL and makes my heart so happy.

Side Note: These are some of the most beautiful book covers I’ve ever seen. How absolutely gorgeous are these books???

Thank you SO MUCH to whoever put Snow Deer and Cocoa Cheer in that Little Free Library last spring! Because of you, I’ve had the most lovely few weeks getting to know the residents of this adorable little town. Absolutely perfect books to read this time of year to fill my heart with holiday spirit!

It’s definitely taken a few years but I have FINALLY found another worthy holiday series to read during the holiday season after reading THIS SERIES (which I LOVED) years ago.


While I agree that each of these books can be read as stand alone novels, I do recommend reading them in order. Some characters/storylines make appearances in each book and reading them in the proper order just adds to the overall storyline development.

Here is the order of the books in this series (The title of this series is The Winter Novels):

Book 1: Snowflakes and Coffee Cakes

Book 2: Snow Deer and Cocoa Cheer

Book 3: Cardinal Cabin

Book 4: First Flurries

Book 5: Eighteen Winters

Book 6: Winter House

I can’t wait to share my thoughts on each of these individual books with you soon!

Have any of you read any of these books? I’d love to hear your thoughts! I had never heard of them until I found book #2 in that Little Free Library! Hands down my most favorite Little Free Library find EVER.

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