Where I’ve Been, An Audiobook Review, What I’m Reading

Where I’ve Been, An Audiobook Review, What I’m Reading

I saw this painted on a bathroom wall yesterday…love it 🙂

Where I’ve Been

CONSUMED WITH MY FIVE WIVES. That’s it. Not some big dramatic story…just absolutely enamoured by this 9 year old reality show that only lasted 2 seasons and I’ve devoured every single episode over the past 3 weeks, lol. It’s wonderful and a million times better than Sister Wives (which I also watch). These wives are better, the husband is a TRILLION times better in every single way, and their relationships are all so beautiful. 5 wives, 1 husband, 24 children.  While I still don’t understand why anyone would choose this lifestyle,  I CAN appreciate the beauty of the relationships between the wives (personally I would choose finding some wonderful BFFs and knowing that they AREN’T sleeping with my husband…??)  If you have no idea what this show is, here’s a preview:

Watch this show. You’re welcome.

An Audiobook Review

I have listened to a few audiobooks recently including this one by Kierseten Modglin!

Note: This book is not to be confused with The Mother-In-Law by Sally Hepworth! Same title, totally different book. You can read my (GLOWING) review of Sally Hepworth’s book HERE!

Photo Credit: Amazon

Goodreads Synopsis of The Mother In Law {Kiersten Modglin}

There’s something strange about Loren’s new mother-in-law…

When Loren meets Jack, she’s sure he’s the man she’s been waiting for—a perfect husband and a father for her young daughter. Shortly after their wedding, their plans to start a life together are put on hold when the couple receives word that Jack’s father has died.

In an effort to appease her new husband, Loren invites her mother-in-law, Coralee, to stay with them while she grieves. When strange things begin to occur just after her arrival, Loren questions how much she knows about the woman she invited into her home.

One calculated move after the next, Coralee attempts to drive a wedge between Loren and her new husband. Jack believes his mother’s strange behavior is just further proof she needs their help, but Loren isn’t so sure. As Coralee’s actions become increasingly sinister, Loren is pushed to her breaking point and she realizes she must do whatever it takes to get rid of her mother-in-law for good.

What she doesn’t know about her new family could kill her…

My Review of The Mother In Law {Kiersten Modglin}:


It was boring. Not much else to say. I hated all of the characters, I found the storyline way too far fetched, and I will never for the life of me understand allllll of the actions of the main character.

It held my interest enough to finish listening which is more than I can say for a bunch of other books/audiobooks I’ve started reading/listening to recently.

And…something happened that has NEVER happened to me EVER in the history of ANY book I have EVER read. Are you ready? There was a big twist at the end that I…didn’t understand. Like, the wording was so strange and I just didn’t understand what happened. Ummm huh??? I tried googling the ending but to no avail. If you have read this one (and understand the ending), please message me so we can discuss! I have a big question!

Book Coffee Happy Epilogue:

Sally Hepworth’s book was a MILLION times better than this one. Read hers instead.

What I’m Reading

Still reading this beauty! Just not as quickly as I would like…#myfivewives. I’ll post my full review once I finish reading!

Have you watched My 5 Wives???



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2 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been, An Audiobook Review, What I’m Reading

  1. Never heard of that show but I’m glad you’re enjoying it. The only reality show I ever watched was 90 Day Fiance and I gave up on it a while ago. I am currently enjoying Why Women Kill. It’s from the creator of Desperate Housewives.
    Still reading Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow. I usually get most of my print book reading done on the weekends. I’m almost done with The Paris Daughter by Kristin Harmel. Really good but also harrowing.


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