Book Review: Nanny Needed {Georgina Cross}

Book Review: Nanny Needed {Georgina Cross}

Goodreads Synopsis of Nanny Needed {Georgina Cross}:

Nanny needed. Discretion is of the utmost importance. Special conditions apply.

When Sarah Larsen finds the notice, posted on creamy card stock in her building’s lobby, one glance at the exclusive address tells her she’s found her ticket out of a dead-end job–and life.

At the interview, the job seems like a dream come true: a glamorous penthouse apartment on the Upper West Side of NYC; a salary that adds several zeroes to her current income; the beautiful, worldly mother of her charge, who feels more like a friend than a potential boss. She’s overjoyed when they offer her the position and signs the NDA without a second thought.

In retrospect, the notice in her lobby was less an engraved invitation than a waving red flag. For there is something very strange about the Bird family. Why does the beautiful Mrs. Bird never leave the apartment alone? And what happened to the nanny before her? It soon becomes clear that the Birds’ odd behaviors are more than the eccentricities of the wealthy.

But by then it’s too late for Sarah to seek help. After all, discretion is of the utmost importance. 

My Review of Nanny Needed {Georgina Cross}:

I loved it.

The chapters were short, the writing was great, the story was CREEPY. It held my interest from page 1 and I had absolutely no idea how it was all going to end. This is most definitely the type of book that you could read all in 1 sitting.

I finished reading this one this afternoon and I know that I will be thinking about it for days to come (most likely longer)! These characters! This crazy story!

Some twists I predicted, some I did not, and few loose ends weren’t explained BUT overall, I would recommend this book.

The psychological thriller genre has been one of my very favorites for years and it has been WAY too long since I’ve read one. Basically for all of November and December I read holiday books and then kicked off January by reading Alison Cochrun’s The Charm Offensive (review AND GIVEAWAY coming ASAP! I’ll actually be guest blogging over on Chick Lit Central for this…stay tuned). I was MORE than ready to read a good psychological thriller and Nanny Needed did not disappoint! I love this genre so much!

Bottom Line:

A quick, easy to read CREEPY thriller.

Have you read this book? What did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!



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