Book Coffee Happy’s 12 Most Viewed Posts of 2021

Book Coffee Happy’s 12 Most Viewed Posts of 2021

Oh man, Blogmas. I tried!!! The official Blogmas goal is to post every single day in December from December 1st until Christmas. I made it to the 21st before life and a magical staycation in downtown Chicago got in the way of completing the goal. I’m super proud that I was able to post as much as I did and I’m already planning next year’s Blogmas schedule! Such a fun thing for bloggers to do. I actually really loved doing it which is quite surprising considering my reservations about it (you can watch the video of me sharing my thoughts on that HERE). So until next year, Blogmas…it’s been fun!

So today is 12/29 and although I was thinking I would take this time off from blogging, I thought I would share a little recap of Book Coffee Happy’s most viewed posts from the past year! Seems weird to post something like this in January, lol.

I love writing my little hobby so much and it warms my heart that so many of you love reading it! Thank you for all of your kind words and support throughout the years. Book Coffee Happy is just getting started…I’ve got some big plans for this little blog in 2022!

I always find my analytics so interesting and I love to see which posts are the most viewed by you. Most of the highly viewed posts on my blog make perfect sense to me but some….do NOT, lol.

Here in order from the 12th most viewed post of 2021 to the #1 most viewed post of 2021


Sex. Hot, Steamy Sex. And so Much More…This Book is AWESOME.

I’m so glad that so many of you have read this post because I LOVE THAT BOOK SO MUCH! Aaaaaaand now I’m wondering if starting blog posts that start with the word “Sex” might just be a wonderful attention grabber, lol…???


I was Wrong. So Very Wrong. This Book is AMAZING.

I wrote this post in 2020 and I’m so glad that so many of you are still reading it in 2021. This book is beautiful! I spent waaaaaaay too long resisting it and I’m so glad I finally read it. Highly, highly recommend this gorgeous book.


My Top Book Recommendations

The fact that this is one of my most visited posts of 2021 comes as zero surprise. It’s a book blog…obviously people want to know my top book recommendations! I actually wrote that post back in 2019! I’m thinking an updated post should be on the 2022 agenda…


One of the Best Books I’ve Ever Read

Oh I love this book so much. I’m so glad so many of you have read this post and have read this book as a result.


The Best Book I Have Ever Read.

I mean….with a title like that, I’m not surprised that this post is so popular. I’m so glad it is…READ THAT BOOK.


Book Review: The Housekeeper {Natalie Barelli}

I honestly have NO IDEA why this post is so highly visited. I can barely even remember the book let alone the post? For some reason, this post continuously gets so much traffic and it blows my mind.


Book Review (Unpopular Opinion): Then She Was Gone {Lisa Jewell}

I’m honestly not sure why people love this book OR this blog post, lol???


**DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK** Book Review: Tampa {Alissa Nutting}

Oh god I hate that I’m even including this VILE book on here because the very last thing I want to do is to draw attention to it. This book is DISGUSTING. I’ve never, ever said this about a book before but please don’t buy it.


The 12 Best Books I Read in 2020

YES. I still stand by every single one!


Why I Stopped Reading The House in the Cerulean Sea {TJ Klune}…But You Shouldn’t!

Eh this book. I just couldn’t do it.


Why I Stopped Reading The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo {Taylor Jenkins Reid}…But You Shouldn’t!

So this blog post has an insane amount of traffic to it EVERY SINGLE DAY from alllll around the globe. I honestly don’t know why but it literally has had so many thousands of page views and that kind of blows my mind.


I Was Stuck On A Mountain in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Well this comes at NO SURPRISE considering this post went viral last winter when Google put it on their homepage! It was super exciting and thanks to Google, thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of new readers have since found my little blog. You can read the insane and awesome story of when it was on Google’s homepage HERE! This week is the 1 year anniversary of being stuck on that mountain….what a craaaaaazy vacation that was!

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12/21: BLOGMAS: {Video} Favorite Reading Accessories #5 and #6



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