BLOGMAS: Book I’m Currently Reading, Coffee I’m Currently Drinking, I Thing Currently Making me HAPPY!

BLOGMAS: Book Coffee Happy’s newest series where I share the book I’m currently reading, the coffee I’m currently drinking, and 1 thing that is currently making me HAPPY!

The annual drive thru holiday light show! Every single year my kids’ favorite part is seeing “Santa’s Butt”.

Book I’m Currently Reading:

I wrote all about the wonderful book series that I’m currently reading in THIS POST. It’s such a perfect book series to read this time of year! Totally light, easy to read, and filled with the spirit of the season. I’m really loving these books! I’m currently halfway through book #3, Cardinal Cabin. I want to live in this adorable town!

Coffee I’m Currently Drinking:

Look what my husband bought for me! Absolutely LOVE! He ordered it straight from Yeti’s website and it’s so beautiful and amazing.

Hello new bestie!

Currently Making Me Happy:

I recently came across these from when my kids were little babies and my heart melted! Books are clearly important in this house and always have been 🙂 My daughter’s on the left is from one of MY all time favorite books and my son’s on the right is from one of my HUSBAND’S all time favorite books!

Can any of you guess which the 2 books these are from???

What are you currently reading?

What coffee are you currently drinking?

What is 1 thing currently making you HAPPY?

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5 thoughts on “BLOGMAS: Book I’m Currently Reading, Coffee I’m Currently Drinking, I Thing Currently Making me HAPPY!

  1. So funny about Santa’s butt. I don’t know what the shirt on the left is from.

    Reading: The Younger Wife by Sally Hepworth and Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall
    I never drink coffee. My daughter is interested in it and likes coffee flavored yogurt and ice cream. I’m currently drinking water and had iced tea with lunch. 🙂
    Thing making me happy: Getting to hang out with a friend the other night. I met her through my son (his friend’s mom) and she’s really nice.


  2. I don’t drink coffee all that often but I went to Starbucks last week and got the toasted white chocolate mocha with vanilla sweet cream cold foam and a caramel drizzle on top and it was so good. I’ve been wanting another one ever since.


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