A Lovely Independent Bookstore

A Lovely Independent Bookstore

As you know, I’m a HUGE advocate of utilizing my local library. I absolutely LOVE the library and that is exactly where 90 percent of the books that I read come from. I love borrowing books so, so much.

I use my library for a number of reasons, mostly that I am a minimalist. I don’t WANT a stuffed, crammed bookshelf full of books that I most likely won’t reread in the future.

However, I DO love to support small businesses and I absolutely adore discovering wonderful independent bookstores. There is quite literally nothing better than a tiny, adorable bookstore and a friendly person behind the counter ready to discuss books. THE BEST.

Every time I go on a vacation, I seem to find the CUTEST bookshops and I absolutely love supporting them.

A Lovely Independent Bookstore

Last week, my family and I spent 4 days in Door County, WI. While walking through the town of Sturgeon Bay, I stumbled upon the most adorable independent bookstore!

Novel Bay Booksellers, I adore you.

This was the first thing to greet me on the sidewalk before I even walked into the store. Perfect.
Children’s Section

I walked around for a few minutes breathing in the scent of new books and I was so happy. As soon as I saw this book on a shelf, I knew it was the one I was going to purchase! My friend and fellow book blogger Jenna had just posted the day prior about how much she LOVED this book so I took it as a sign.

I also saw the most beautiful coffee mug just sitting on a shelf and instantly knew I had to have it.

While speaking with the LOVELY lady behind the counter, I asked if I could take a copy of the Midwest Indie Bookstore Roadmap. Not only did she say yes but she told me to also take one for a friend 🙂 Megan, I’ve got yours here for you! XO!

I happily paid for my book and mug. Then the lovely lady (I so wish I could remember her name, ugh) gave me a book mark and a beautiful sticker which I came home and immediately affixed to my beloved planner.

Thank you for a wonderful visit, Novel Bay Booksellers!

If you are ever in the Door County area of Wisconsin, I highly suggest paying a visit to this charming little slice of Heaven. I can’t wait to return!

Other independent bookshops I’ve discovered while on vacations and links to my blog posts about them:

Booked for the Season (Grand Haven MI)

Moon Pie General Store and Original Book Warehouse in Pigeon Forge, TN (AKA the most amazing bookstore I’ve ever visited)

River Lights Bookstore (Dubuque, IA), Peace of the Past (Galena, IL), and Half Price Books Outlet in Rockford, IL (not necessarily an independent bookshop but since I bought my all time favorite book here on the way home from a vacation to Galena, IL, I’m including it here)

Tell me about an independent bookstore that you love to support!



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