My Life in Books

Books are obviously a huge part of my life.  Here is a tiny glance into my past few weeks 🙂

Reading at the dentist.

Running errands, stopped for a glorious lunch break in the front seat of my car (Portillos Chopped Salad is one of my all time favorite salads):

Obviously my children read and/or are read to everyday in this house, mostly aloud. My daughter’s teacher sent all of the students home with a calendar from school to start record her reading. Her assignment is to read for 20 minutes each day. Ummm…SIGN ME UP. I promised her that I will also gladly do her homework each night as she does it. So now each night, my girl and I escape to my bed for 20 minutes and we read completely silently, side by side. Sometimes we hold hands, sometimes we cuddle. It has very quickly turned into my favorite time of the day.

I was early to pick up my son from a class. While waiting in my car, I remembered there is a Little Free Library not far from the building. I literally jumped out of my car and went for a walk. It was a beauty!

I walked away with this book. Have any of you read it? I was just thinking THAT MORNING that I need a good seasonal holiday read to read in December (I sooooo miss the Quinns). Totally fate that I found this one! Looks great!

***Do any of you have any holiday book recommendations?  This Jewish girl LOVES Christmas feel good stories and I need to start gathering some suggestions…***

And just when I couldn’t think I could love my local library more, they do stuff like this. I’m a huge germaphobe and this makes me so happy. (Another thought: if you OR YOUR CHILDREN are sick, for the love of God please just stay home).

I love our library so, so much.

I have a million pictures of my children with this statue in front of the library. It’s actually a pretty famous local spot for taking pictures of your children, every mom around here has done it 🙂 I recently realized that after all of these years and photos…I don’t have any pictures of ME with him! Mommy’s turn!

An adorable new store recently opened not far from my house. How cute are these? Made from real books!

And lastly…this. Not a book, but words 🙂 My family attended a gorgeous wedding a few weeks ago and my daughter had some requests for the DJ (Her 2 favorite popular songs…This Girl is on Fire and Shut Up and Dance with Me). Love her!!!

The Unbreakables Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway for The Unbreakables!  I LOVED reading through all of the things you are doing to make your souls happy.

Congratulations Adelina Garza (I go to the movies every Thursday night)! Email me ( your mailing address and your book will be on it’s way 🙂 Enjoy! I’d love to hear what you think!

Have a great fall weekend!



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3 Free (And Amazing!) New Books

There is a local community building not far from my house which always has the best selection of free books donated by one of our wonderful local libraries.

Whenever I happen to be there, of course I always stop to browse the selection. Who on Earth could walk past free books and not stop to look through them?! Monsters.

Usually I find books I have either read or don’t have a huge interest in reading. I’ve never actually brought any of them home with me.

Until today.

There were SO many amazing titles! The first one to catch my eye was this one. Since I already own it (it’s awesome by the way), I kept looking…and quickly came across these 3 treasures!

Each one looks fantastic and 2 have been on my radar for quite some time!

Have you read any of these books? What are your thoughts (no spoilers please)???

But the coolest takeaway was when I opened the front cover of Pieces of Her ….and discovered that I now apparently own a SIGNED copy?!? How amazing is THAT?!?

I plan on paying it forward and donating a bunch of books to our local Little Free Library ASAP! I’m actually waiting for a time when I can bring both of my kids with me…what a perfect lesson to teach them on so many levels.

And obviously I will pass these 3 new books along as soon as I finish reading them (and post my reviews for each on my blog).  The minimalist in me will be happy to get rid of them. 🙂

Thank you, Vernon Area Public Library!  I feel blessed to live in a community which clearly values the importance of spreading literacy to all.  And no…lovely Vernon Area was NOT the local library I was talking about in this post 🙂

Do you ever pick up free books?  Where?  Which free book has been your greatest find?



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