3 Free (And Amazing!) New Books

There is a local community building not far from my house which always has the best selection of free books donated by one of our wonderful local libraries.

Whenever I happen to be there, of course I always stop to browse the selection. Who on Earth could walk past free books and not stop to look through them?! Monsters.

Usually I find books I have either read or don’t have a huge interest in reading. I’ve never actually brought any of them home with me.

Until today.

There were SO many amazing titles! The first one to catch my eye was this one. Since I already own it (it’s awesome by the way), I kept looking…and quickly came across these 3 treasures!

Each one looks fantastic and 2 have been on my radar for quite some time!

Have you read any of these books? What are your thoughts (no spoilers please)???

But the coolest takeaway was when I opened the front cover of Pieces of Her ….and discovered that I now apparently own a SIGNED copy?!? How amazing is THAT?!?

I plan on paying it forward and donating a bunch of books to our local Little Free Library ASAP! I’m actually waiting for a time when I can bring both of my kids with me…what a perfect lesson to teach them on so many levels.

And obviously I will pass these 3 new books along as soon as I finish reading them (and post my reviews for each on my blog).  The minimalist in me will be happy to get rid of them. 🙂

Thank you, Vernon Area Public Library!  I feel blessed to live in a community which clearly values the importance of spreading literacy to all.  And no…lovely Vernon Area was NOT the local library I was talking about in this post 🙂

Do you ever pick up free books?  Where?  Which free book has been your greatest find?



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10 thoughts on “3 Free (And Amazing!) New Books

  1. Yes! The best thing ever – finding great books for free. I read Before We Were Yours and LOVED it! I gave it 4/5 stars on Goodreads, but keep in mind, I RARELY give a book 5 stars. So if I rated something 4 stars, I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it. This is one of those books; it was fantastic! I have read other books by Karin Slaughter and they were good too. Not 4 stars good, but good enough to read and be entertained. As for A Simple Favor – did not read the book, but enjoyed the movie!


  2. So cool! I once lived in an area where the library had a ‘free’ box. Anyone could place any free books or other reading material in the box. I don’t think I ever dropped anything off there (I was a book hoarder at the time! These days, I’d definitely make donations), but I came home with a bunch of great homeschool materials, a few awesome books, some violin music books… I wish my library now would have something like that, because it was fabulous. Glad you made some great finds!!!


  3. My library does more of a book sale where books are anywhere from 10 cents to $1. I love that they have that and I’ve bought sooooo many through the years but am starting to cut back on them and pass them on when I’ve read them as well. I really do enjoy that libraries offer this though!

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