Let’s Chat: Is Reading a Social Hobby?

It’s absolutely freezing here.

So. Much. Snow.

The roads are ridiculous, I can’t feel my fingers, and I’m currently eating steaming hot banana oatmeal to warm up my insides.  I’m writing this sitting next to my dining room window where the current falling snow is making me feel like I’m blogging from the inside of a snow globe.

And…I’m loving every second (minus the driving).

Winter is favorite season and I’m obsessed with snow!  There is nothing more gorgeous to me than freshly fallen snow.  This is mine and my daughter’s favorite snow covered tree.  So, so beautiful.

Stay safe and stay warm, local friends!

Today’s blog topic is one that I have been pondering for quite some time, especially the older that I’ve been getting.

Reading is an interesting hobby.

I think it’s the most antisocial and yet completely social hobby all at the same time.

I need silence when I read.  As in no talking, no television, no distractions.

I am an only child and have always loved having alone time.  I prefer quiet to chaos, silence to loudness, and peace to noise.  I have always been like this!  Reading is the perfect, quiet hobby for me.  Always has been and always will be.

Throughout the day, I find myself thinking about whatever book I’m currently reading.  While I’m driving, while I’m washing dishes, etc. I could be at the most amazing and exciting party and yet somewhere in the back of my mind…be dreaming of the next time when I will be able to peacefully snuggle up with a book.  Antisocial hobby?

And yet, I have had AMAZING and in depth discussions with people about books.  People who I don’t even know well!  Books have such a magical way of instantly providing complex topics for discussions.  Reminds me of a picture I posted on Instagram last month.  LOVE IT!

How can something be called antisocial when the very focus of it is to meet characters, travel to far away places, learn cultural differences, and to broaden the horizon of topics which previously had not be known?

I started this book blog as a creative outlet for this stay at home mom to be able to share her passion with others.  I can’t believe all that it has provided for me in such a short amount of time!  I have met so many new friends, both physically as well as virtually.  I have created a space in which I’ve watched others interact with each other though books.  I have had numerous people tell me that they appreciate the community I have created here.  All because of books.  Amazing.

This all brings me back to my original question:  Is reading a social hobby?

I’m not entirely sure…I just know that either way, it’s the perfect hobby for me. 🙂

What do you think?  Is reading a social hobby?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY! I love you and I love our friendship so, so much! Can’t wait to celebrate this weekend! 

(To learn more about us and our special friendship read this post)

Stay safe and warm, everyone!



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10 thoughts on “Let’s Chat: Is Reading a Social Hobby?

  1. I guess it depends. If you read to escape other people, to vanish into a fictional world and seldom come back to interact with actual living people, that could be a problem. Today, I think most people don’t read enough and the ones who do often make poor choices. That’s why I appreciate blogs like yours. For me, the social nature of book reading is to discover good books and share them with others. You’re right, there is an instant connection with others who have loved the same books you have.

    Last night, I participated via FaceTime with a women’s book club discussion in San Diego (I’m in Minneapolis). They were all strangers to me but we were instant friends because they had all read and liked the same book. What could be more social and bookish than that? It was great fun because we had something so personal in common.


    1. That’s amazing! Your book discussion sounds so lovely. I agree with everything you said here…well said! I’m so glad you enjoy my blog because I LOVE your book! I’ll be in touch soon 🙂


  2. I have always thought of reading as both a way to connect to others, but also as a means to quiet my soul. It is such a gift to learn to read and to appreciate what is read. I found as a professor that it is hard to get people to read just for the joy of it and discussing it. So, i tried to find readings that pertained to their lives, and was more successful in getting them to read it. Interestingly, my husband and I both read, and when we move, there are just boxes full of books, but we don’t read the same kind of books. But, I feel blessed that God sent me a man who reads, because in the past, my reading was a point of contention for non-reading mates.


  3. Reading books keeps me so busy. I am caretaker of our Community Little Library, organise book swaps at a writers group, and sell my preloved books at markets to raise funds for injured exservice personnel. I have met so many intd resting and diverse people along the way.


  4. I love you!!! Thank you!!! How touching and beautiful that you included me in your amazing blog on my special day. What a wonderful writer and best friend you are!❤️


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