2019 Mid Year Reading Check In

Today is July 1st which means 2019 is officially halfway over!  At the beginning of the year I posted a very small sample from the list of books I was hoping to read in 2019.

*Side note: reading that linked post reminds me that I started 2019 with my poor arm in a sling!  I am so happy to report that 6 months later my elbow is 100 percent back to normal. 🙂 It healed insanely quickly and I’m so thankful!!  I truly didn’t think it would ever heal correctly from that break…omg…*

As for the books, I have done lots of reading so far this year and have read many books not even included on this list!  As for the small sample of books that WERE on my 2019 To Read List, here’s where I currently stand with them:

*This post contains affiliate links. Click each image below to read the synopsis and order the book through my Amazon affiliate link.  When you order through this link, I receive a tiny commission. Thank you for your support, Xo*

A Spark of Light: Read it.  Loved it.  Read my review HERE.

Becoming: Read it.  Didn’t love it.  Watch my Vlog review HERE.

The Unbreakables: Own it.  Can’t WAIT to read it.  Stay tuned for my review AND a blog giveaway soon!

What if It’s Us: Read it.  LOVED it.  Quite possibly my favorite book of 2019 so far.  Read my review HERE.

One Day in December: Haven’t read it yet…

All Your Perfects: Haven’t read it yet…

Foam on the Crest of Waves: Read it.  Really enjoyed it.  Read my review HERE.

On the Come Up: Read it.  Eh.  Read my review HERE.

The Other Woman: Read it.  Loved it.  Watch my Vlog review HERE.

Maid: Haven’t read it because I need a break from memoirs since I’ve come to realize that I just don’t seem to enjoy the genre (watch my review of Michelle Obama’s book for more on this).  I’ve heard this one is fantastic…I’m just thinking it might not be for me.

Dumplin’: Read it.  Underwhelmed.  Read my review HERE.

Have you read any of these?  If so, NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

How are you doing on your 2019 To Read List?



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4 thoughts on “2019 Mid Year Reading Check In

    1. YES! I have a personal Goodreads account that I used to love and no longer use…BUT I’ve been working on updating my blog’s Goodreads account! I can’t wait to read The Unbreakables, I’ve heard such good things 🙂


  1. Glad to read you healed so quickly and thankfully well.

    What sounds like some terrific reads. It is only Jodi Picoult I am familiar and I’ve haven’t read this one of hers so there’s lots for me to pick from.

    Liked by 2 people

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