A Lovely 1 Day Vacation

There is a beautiful beach town located a little over an hour away from my house with a gorgeous lake, lovely stores, and delicious food.  We visit each summer just for a day and it’s such a wonderful little getaway, it truly feels like a vacation!

I didn’t take many pictures because I was too busy enjoying the day with my family (I didn’t even take any photos of the sparkling lake) but here are a few!

In this post  I talked about when I was pregnant with my son and bought him an antique lampshade from an antique store in Wisconsin before I even knew he was boy…here is the store today and the exact spot where that lampshade sat all those years ago:

Tip: Anything is more beautiful when you use a book to display it.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is a gorgeous beach town filled with beautiful stores, restaurants (eat at Popeyes…not the fast food restaurant…and request a table with a window water view), boats, homemade fudge, and so much more.

Behind the main strip of stores is a very old and beautiful church which has been converted into gorgeous shops. One of my favorite fancy children’s clothing boutiques of all time was located inside that former church and each summer I would buy TONS of clothing for my daughter. The boutique has since closed (breaks my heart to see it vacant) but tucked behind it still stands a teeny tiny itty bitty bookshop. Of course I had to stop and the people in there were just lovely!  We had a wonderful conversation and they proudly showed me numerous books written by local authors.

Breadloaf Bookshop:

Random photos from the beautiful boutiques…

A baby onesie that made me legit laugh out loud. Hilarious!

Love this:

I posted this story on Instagram…watch both clips for the full story:


And also from Instagram, I’m obsessed with my new piece of artwork that I bought that day. Can’t wait to hang this!

We ate shrimp salad while watching the boats on the water, played at a local playground, and of course made a stop at the famous Anderson’s Candy Shop on our drive home to bring back chocolate covered pretzels for my husband.  While we were having such a fun day, he spent the day at work.  We missed you, Babe!  Thank you for working so hard for us!

My daughter came home with a beautiful new skirt, my son came home with a dinosaur coloring book, I bought a pretty necklace and 2 gorgeous shirts, and we also came home with this.  It was on display in one of the boutiques.  It was SO COOL and my kids and I were ALL IN.  Even minimalists like me need to crack for completely unnecessary purchases sometimes 🙂

Another tradition is that I always buy my best friend a scarf from a certain store in Lake Geneva whenever I go!  Her and I share a scarf obsession and this store always has the best ones.  Here is this year’s gift for Amy:

And finally…my daughter’s principal told the students that if they send her a postcard over the summer, they will get to eat a fun lunch with her when they return to school in the fall 🙂  My daughter stood and went through every single postcard before deciding on this one (it’s hard to see but it’s made of foil and sparkly.  It was 3 times the price of all of the other postcards…but my daughter is fancy like me.  I totally get it.  Why buy a plain postcard when you could buy one that sparkles?!?).  She wrote her principal a message on the back and we mailed it off to school first thing Friday morning.  Perfect.

Thank you for a lovely getaway, Lake Geneva!  Can’t wait to return next summer!



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