Calling All Bloggers and Vloggers: Add Your Links {Volume 3}

It’s that time again!  A chance for all bloggers and vloggers to publicize themselves and at the same time, discover some interesting new blogs and vlogs to follow.

Over the summer, I wrote a blog post asking for bloggers and vloggers to share their sites and to add their links in hopes of people being able to get their name out there and also to discover new sites to follow.  A few months later, I wrote another blog post asking for bloggers and vloggers to share links and descriptions to their most current posts/videos.

Both posts were so successful! So many lovely bloggers and vloggers posted links and descriptions of their blogs/vlogs. I instantly found new favorites to follow and so many others commented that they did as well.  Love!

So today…let’s do it again!

This time the theme will be “Posts or Videos Which Taught People Something”

Think back to posts/videos you have created.  When was a time you posted something which was helpful or taught something?

Post a link to a helpful blog POST or helpful vlog VIDEO and a brief description on what that particular blog/video is about in the comments below. Let’s all discover new blogs/vlogs to follow! If you have a blog/vlog, I’d love for you to participate regardless if you participated in the past or not.  All blog/vlog topics welcome!

Please only add links to the comments on this post (not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to keep them all in one place.

Also, if you haven’t already added your link to the comments on the other 2 posts, feel free to do that now as well 🙂

Calling All Bloggers and Voggers Volume 1

Calling All Bloggers and Vloggers Volume 2

I’ll go first!  Here is a link to a helpful post that I wrote.  It’s a list of amazing books that I would recommend bringing on vacation!  All of these would be PERFECT vacation reads (or anytime reads).  Hopefully this post will help you while planning what to bring on your next vacay:

15 Amazing Books to Bring With You on Vacation

Now it’s your turn!  I can’t wait to read the comments below.

Have fun and enjoy discovering some new favorite bloggers/vloggers!

And while you’re discovering new blogs/vlogs to follow and subscribe to, I’d so love for you to follow/subscribe to mine if you don’t already 🙂



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6 thoughts on “Calling All Bloggers and Vloggers: Add Your Links {Volume 3}

  1. Thanks for this opportunity to share our platforms! I created a video tutorial of the Libby by OverDrive app for readers to read and listen to audiobooks for free! Its available for android and iphone and its connected to their local libraries!


  2. Hi

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our videos in this video me and my wife made we share tips which have helped us on managing our life as a married couple.


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