My First Time Inside Of My Library Since March

I have been taking advantage of our library’s AMAZING drive thru service for months. I’m honestly not sure what I would have done this whole time without it! Reading is something that I obviously do on a regular basis and I depend on my library. This pandemic has taken so many things away but thanks to the amazing library drive thru, access to books has not been one of them! The drive thru window has been an absolute blessing (you can read more about my experience with this HERE) for me and has provided me with some amazing reading material over these past few months. Bless you, library drive thru window.

Last week, I was texting with a fellow book loving friend about a book I have been wanting to read (28 Summers by Elin Hildebrand). My friend texted me this:

(I cropped out her contact info before posting this screenshot but kept in my response telling her about the new Carole Baskin show. You’re welcome). As for her words about the library…that was the push that I needed! So the next day I masked up, put my fears aside, and decided that it was time.

I posted this on Facebook:

I walked in and I’m not going to lie…I was nervous! And excited! And terrified! All at the same time. This was a big step for me as our family has been taken this quarantine quite seriously.

As soon as I walked by the woman making sure the patrons were all wearing masks, the very first thing I saw was a man walking around with cleaning spray and wiping down surfaces. Made me instantly feel so much better!

I went straight to the New Releases and took my time browsing through titles. It felt so GOOD! I have missed doing this SO MUCH. Reserving books online for drive thru pickup has been an absolute blessing but being able to actually walk through the stacks made my heart so happy.

The last time I was here…March 12th. Mind. Blown.

And today:

So how was my experience visiting the library during a pandemic? GREAT. Everything was so clean, the lady at the checkout wore gloves, every safety precaution was in place, everyone was wearing a mask OVER their noses, and there were hardly any patrons there. I felt completely safe and my heart felt completely happy.

I walked around and around the stacks (I’m baaaaaaaaaack) and soon it was clear that it was my time to leave. I sadly walked out to my car…and literally laughed out loud as I said to the lady standing about 10 feet away from me, “I guess I was pretty excited when I got here!” I mean…look at how I parked my car (mine’s the black SUV), lol.


My library haul (clearly I’m in the mood for a psychological thriller, lol):

Have you read any of these books? Which should I read first?

I hope all of you are staying safe. Have you ventured into your local library yet? I can’t wait to go back! Not today…but soon 😉



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3 thoughts on “My First Time Inside Of My Library Since March

  1. Read the Ruth Ware book. I have mixed feelings about her books – curious about this one!! So glad you were able to go back to your library.


  2. I am a Youth Services assistant. So thrilled to have you back!!!!! You and your family have been missed.
    Great Blog. I enjoyed reading it and seeing your face again.
    Take good care of all and remember, if we can help you with books or other materials, please give us a call, send an email, or visit when you can. Always happy to see you!


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