1 Single Life Changing Reading Habit

I am an only child.  Growing up, my life was always so quiet as I was the only kid running around!  I absolutely LOVED it!  Reading in silence? Check! Going to sleep in silence? Check! The first time I ever had the experience of living with other peoples’ noise was when I got to college.  It was a huge wake up call for me (quite literally….for the first time ever I experienced being woken up by my peers). It was a life changing experience for me for sure. Why were people and their habits so LOUD???

The older I get, the more I appreciate the gift of being able to surround myself in silence. I have obviously always been one of those people who loves to be alone (again…only child). Being alone and being HAPPY to be alone is something that I do not take for granted. Many people HATE being alone….not I 🙂 This is something that I’m trying my best to teach my children. Surrounding yourself with people is truly a gift….but….so is loving yourself enough to enjoy your own company.

I’ve always loved quiet. Do you remember on one of my visits back to my college where I showed a picture of my favorite study spot??? Waaaaay down in the library basement alllll the way in the very corner. Where it was silent with quite literally zero distractions!

Now does it make a bit more sense as to why reading is my favorite hobby???

Since childhood, I’ve needed utter and complete silence to enjoy reading a book. If there was even the SLIGHTEST bit of noise, I couldn’t do it.

And then…the Coronavirus quarantine of 2020 happened. And each afternoon I found myself sitting outside while my kids happily frolicked together with a hose, sprinkler, sidewalk chalk, bikes, scooters, frisbees, etc. And as I watched them play, I was struck over and over by the same thought: wouldn’t this be a lovely time to enjoy a book?

I am a huge believer in self care and for me, reading IS my self care. Being quarantined with 2 young children means alone time is extremely hard to come by these days. If I was going to continue to read each day, I was going to need to come up with a solution. And fast.

One Single Life Changing Reading Habit

The first time I tried it I was completely convinced that it wouldn’t work. There was NO way that I could properly immerse myself in a book while at the same time listen to my kids happily playing with each other just a few feet from me. I gave it a shot…and….

IT. WAS. OK. Howwwwwwwwwwwwww?????


This is something I have attempted and failed at doing for YEARS! It literally took a global pandemic for me to finally embrace this new skill.

Here are some random shots of me reading throughout the quarantine WITH BACKGROUND NOISE. Mind. Blown.

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Are you able to read with background noise or do you need total silence? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is filled with love and BOOKS (even if it’s noisy)!



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9 thoughts on “1 Single Life Changing Reading Habit

  1. I can’t read without noise! I can’t sleep without white noise, i can’t concentrate without noise. I used to
    Do my homework with the TV on because it’s the only way i could focus. I come from a very loud family, so I think that probably plays a role in it!!


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