My 400th Blog Post, Another Delicious Cookie, and a Book That I Hated

My 400th Blog Post, Another Delicious Cookie, and a Book That I Hated

This is officially Book Coffee Happy’s 400th blog post! Thank you for supporting me and my little hobby…I really love writing this blog and I’m so thankful for YOU!

A link to my very first blog post. It’s super impersonal, lol: The Woman in The Window {A.J. Finn}

Crumbl Cookies, You Have My Heart

My most recent Crumbl Cookies indulgence (caramel cake served warm). I wish I could say it was a treat to celebrate my 400 post but alas, just a random dessert, lol. Whyyyyyyy did this bakery have to open up so close to my house??? Ridiculous.

In the passenger seat just eating a monstrosity of a cookie and protecting my clothes with a paper towel while my husband drives. Classy.

I Hated This Book

I really wish this book was as delightful of an experience for me as devouring that delicious cookie. It was not.

The Woman Next Door {Natasha Boydell}

Photo Credit goes to Amazon because I listened to this one as an audiobook

Goodreads Synopsis of The Woman Next Door {Natasha Boydell}:

Two neighbours struggle with envy of each other’s lives—and as their friendship grows, their questions do too . . .

Sophie is a happily married mum of two who considers herself lucky—until her beautiful and highly successful new neighbour Angie moves in along with her charming husband and four talented children. The two women couldn’t be more different, but after a storm brings them together, an unlikely friendship develops. As their children grow closer, so does their bond.

But the alliance between the families is a wake-up call for both women. Angie’s success makes Sophie consider whether she really is as satisfied as she makes out. And Sophie’s uncomplicated marriage forces Angie to look at her own and accept that it’s not as perfect as it seems. Both women vow to change.

But their decisions may not lead where they expect, in this absorbing novel about risks and relationships by the author of The Missing Husband that explores whether the grass is always greener on the other side of the garden fence . . . 

My Review of The Woman Next Door {Natasha Boydell}:

So…I pretty much hated this book.

It was just so boring! I kept waiting for something (annnnything) to happen but it really never did. Eventually there was a “big” plot twist but it fell short because it was so completely predictable. This. Book. Was. So. Boring.

I really disliked so many of the characters and found myself not caring what happened to any of them as the story went on…not a good way to feel while reading (listening to) a book. Ugh.

I listened to this one as an Audiobook and I must say…listening to someone actually FROM the country where the story takes place adds such a wonderful dimension. And that’s pretty much the only nice thing I have to say about this book 🙂

Bottom Line:

I just wanted it to end.

Have you read this book? What did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend if filled with love, BOOKS, and Crumbl Cookies!



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  1. Happy 400! You’re one of my favorite bloggers☺️


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