Never Ending Book, Exciting New Book Mail, Ugly Book Giveaway Winners

Never Ending Book, Exciting New Book Mail, Ugly Book Giveaway Winners

Newest addition to my laptop courtesy of my 11 year old daughter. She traded gibbetz (IYKYK) to one of her friends just to get this sticker for ME! Love, love, love her 🙂

Never Ending Book

Hiiiii Book Friends!

I am still slowly chipping away at this almost 600 page book but admittingly it’s taking me significantly longer than necessary to finish it!

I just need a day with zero distractions where I can hunker down and READ! Who’s with me??? Add in coffee, delicious food, and a beach. Soooo a vacation. Turns out what I need is a vacation…

Exciting New Book Mail

Look at this beauty that I received in the mail last week! I can’t wait to read it, it sounds so amazing.

Goodreads Synopsis of Typecast {Andrea J. Stein}:

Callie Dressler thought she had put her past where it belonged—behind her. But when she learns her ex-boyfriend is bringing their breakup to the big screen, she must face the fact that their history has been looming over her all along.

At thirty-two, Callie Dressler is finally comfortable in her own skin. She loves her job as a preschool teacher, and although living in her vacant childhood home isn’t necessarily what dreams are made of, the space is something she never could have afforded if she’d stayed in New York City. She knows her well-ordered life will be upended when her type A, pregnant sister, Nina; adorable four-year-old niece; and workaholic brother-in-law move in, but how could she say no when they needed a place to crash during their remodel? As Nina pointed out, it is still their parents’ house, even though their mom and dad have relocated.

As if adjusting to this new living situation isn’t enough, the universe sends Callie another wrinkle: her college boyfriend, Ethan—who Callie dumped ten years earlier for reasons known only to her—has a film coming out, and the screenplay is based on their real-life breakup. While the movie consumes her thoughts, Callie can’t help wondering if Nina and her friends are right that she hasn’t moved on. When a complication with Nina’s pregnancy brings Callie in close contact with Nina’s smart and funny architect, Callie realizes she had better figure out whether she wants to open the door to the past—or she’ll risk missing out on her future.

Sounds so good, right?? I will post my full review (and host a giveaway!!) once I finish reading….stay tuned 🙂

Ugly Book Giveaway Winners Video

Thank you to everyone who entered to win a signed copy of Kelly Vincent’s gorgeous book, Ugly (book synopsis and my full review HERE) ! I know you will love it as much as I did. Here is a video of me choosing the winners:

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is filled with love and BOOKS!



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5 thoughts on “Never Ending Book, Exciting New Book Mail, Ugly Book Giveaway Winners

  1. Ty for picking me as a winner! I will take it with me when I visit my brother in California in early June! Thank you so so much!


    1. Things We Hide From The Light sounds food. I’ll have to put in the books I get from the library. I continue to add to this list. Hopefully they don’t all become available at once. ☺️☺️


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