The Big Book Disappointment of 2023

The Big Book Disappointment of 2023

The right wick on my new candle doesn’t burn as highly as the wick on the left. For someone as Type A as I am, this is making me insane. It’s also a perfect comparison for the 2 books I am discussing on my blog today. Book #1 burns BRIGHTLY and Book #2 does…not.

UGH. That’s all I can say. I’m so disappointed. I was SO excited to read this book. It sucked.

The Big Book Disappointment of 2023

Let’s start from the beginning…

Book #1: Things We Never Got Over

I absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this adorable book. A charming town, colorful characters, spicy sex scenes…this book had it all. Cheesy? Oh lord yes but somehow it all just worked. I smiled, I cried, I LOVED it. If you haven’t yet read Things We Never Got Over, it’s a must read for me. HERE is my full review (including the book synopsis).

So naturally when Lucy Score announced that a sequel was in the works, I was ALL IN. I was actually counting down until it’s release (February 21, 2023). I went to Barnes and Noble that week because I couldn’t even wait for a copy to come in at my library…I needed to own this beautiful book STAT. I couldn’t wait to dive right back into the little town with it’s interesting residents. HERE is the post where I was so excited to buy this book (how happy was I??). Reading that post now just makes me sad.

Hoooooow is this book in the same book series as the first book??? It’s so completely different than Book #1. I think a big part of it is the perspective from which it’s told. Book #1 is from the perspective of someone who isn’t from this town and is learning all of the town’s intricacies, meeting all of it’s residents, etc. It focused so much more on the town and the residents. Book #1 really only had 1 storyline that I didn’t enjoy…aaaaaand THAT storyline is the entire premise of Book #2. It makes sense….Book #1 was really introducing everything and now Book #2 dives deeper into the story but the one particular story that it dives deeply into was my absolute LEAST favorite thing about Book #1.

The main characters that I fell in love with all make such tiny appearances in Book #2 and the other, more minor characters that Book #2 focuses on are ANNOYING.

I really can’t say too much about this book without giving away spoilers from both books so I’ll just say this: everything about Book #2 is different than Book #1.

The one constant between the books is the adorable banter between the characters. Lucy Score has such a lovely way of writing dialogue! I just wish the dialogue had been between different characters and talking about different things, lol.

One more thing to note: Book #1 ends with not only 1 epilogue but also a BONUS epilogue. Book #2 ignores both epilogues and just continues the story right where it left off before them. Ummm HUH?? So now we know what happens in the future AND in the farther off future but now we are back in time to reading before any of that actually happens?? I feel like a book series should be in completely chronological order. Obviously Lucy Score shouldn’t have included either epilogue in Book #1 if she was thinking a book series might follow but she did….and now I feel like Book #2 should start right where Book #1 left off.

Basically this book is all a bit of a mess.

One thing I will say is that the covers of the books in the Knockemout series are STUNNING. Book #3 is going to be purple!

I stopped reading at page 270 out of 574 pages. I just couldn’t do it for another 300 pages and even getting to page 270 TOOK FOREVER. I should have been able to read this 600 page book fairly quickly but I was just too bored to ever want to pick it up.

I’m heartbroken, I can’t believe this second book was so terrible when the first was so wonderful. I appreciate that sequels are rarely AS good as the first but this wasn’t even in the same category.

According to reviews online, many many many others hated this book as well. More than one review I read referenced how this book “should be hidden from the light”, lol.

Moving on….but sadly not to the 3rd book in the Knockemout series, Things We Left Behind, which is expected to be released 9/5/23.

Have you read either of these books? What did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!



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8 thoughts on “The Big Book Disappointment of 2023

  1. You need a candle wick cutter. I bought one in Libertyville!

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      1. I think you need to keep trimming so they are at the same height??? BTW… attending Thrusday eve, Renee Rosen at the Book Stall, and Sat. May 6th at B &N with Lisa interviewing Renee and having lunch at Lake Forest Book Store with Renee Wed. Bucket List!!!!


  2. As you know, I put this book down at age 90. I also wanted to like at as I loved the 1st book. Doubtful I will be picking up #3. I read the reviews on Goodreads after I gave up and posted my review. Take heart as everyone agrees.
    Read Small Things Like These by Claire Keegan ; a quick and beautiful book (you will read in an afternoon) and now almost done with Earth’s the Right Place for Love Elizabeth Berg. So glad to be done with Things we Hide.


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