I Have Covid.


It took 2.5 years but it finally got me. And man have I been SICK. Throwing up, 102.2 fever, worst headaches, body aches, chills from head to toe, dizzy/lightheaded, so congested, insane cough, complete loss of taste/smell, and probably a million more symptoms that I can’t even think about right now. FREAKING. COVID.

My view. Still have drinking coffee everyday even if I can’t taste it!

Covid. Sucks.

Today is officially Day 11 for me and while so many of my symptoms are better, some most definitely remain (lightheaded, congested, exhausted, ears still closed although not as bad, taste/smell GONE). I have zero energy and everything is exhausting. I think this will just take time! I miss feeling like myself!

Only I would crave a spinach smoothie when I’m sick, lol.

This virus is an absolute BEAST. I am fully vaccinated (and boosted) and I still got this sick! I can’t even begin to imagine how much worst this could have been had I not been vaccinated.

The only coffee I’ve ever had without Splenda. I figured there was no reason for Splenda if I couldn’t taste it! But my sight wasn’t affected… there’s no way in the world I could visually drink black coffee so cream was still added, lol.
I’ve been trying to sit in my backyard to get some fresh air. This was a few days ago…even my creepy mug of coffee couldn’t get me to smile!

You know I’ve been sick when I have literally spend the past 11 days laying in bed and have read exactly 0 pages of any book! The only thing my brain has been able to handle is 90 Day Fiance (I’ve watched almost 2 entire seasons over these past 11 days)! The only actual reading I have done has been in the form of these 2 magazines:

So that’s where I’ve been for the past 11 days. In my bed. Watching 90 Day Fiance. Eating bagels and macaroni and cheese and crying because all of this SUCKS.

Oh and did I mention that the day after I tested positive my husband ALSO tested positive? And then the day after THAT my son also tested positive? The 2 of them were also pretty sick, but I definitely had the worst case. Trying to parent a sick child while both Jon and I are sick ourselves has been interesting.

Gooooood times over here. Holy hell.

They are both feeling better! I am slowly getting there, too :).

The last time I posted a blog post was June 18th (whaaaaaat?)! Let’s do a giant rewind to where I was BEFORE Covid…

June 18: I posted THIS blog post.

I took a 2 week blogging break for no reason other than I was just enjoying summer and keeping very busy 🙂

July 4th: Tragedy in Highland Park. I live about 15 minutes from Highland Park and everything about this is horrific and terrifying. I was not at the parade but I so easily could have been. My family and I were in the neighboring town of Deerfield just the night prior watching fireworks. I still cannot believe this happened. Here is a selfie with a Little Free Library that I took on Central Avenue (where the parade was) just 2 weeks before the shooting. I’ve spent lots of time shopping and eating on that very street this summer. My thoughts, my love, and my prayers are with you, Highland Park.

Highland Park 💗

After July 4th, I understandably felt weird blogging when so much sadness was happening around me. So many of my friends were at the parade with their families! Thankfully all are ok (physically) but I can’t imagine what they are going through having been right there.

So I took a few days off of blogging and then…

My daughter left for overnight camp for 1 month. Camp Moms, YOU. GET. IT. Holy hell packing was a full time job and it kept me BUSY. Runs to various stores, lots of Googling and texting my way more experienced camp mom friends, and daily Amazon Prime deliveries were all so overwhelming. My guest bedroom was officially packing central and the amount of stuff she brought with her is insane. Being as organized and as type A as I am, this was my TIME TO SHINE but man it was a lot…even for me!

Snuck these into her duffle before she left 💗

She left for camp on a Sunday. I tested positive on that Tuesday. My husband tested positive on the Wednesday. My son tested positive on that Thursday. I can’t believe the timing of all of this and that she left JUST at the perfect time to avoid this house of germs! And yes, I was in contact with the camp IMMEDIATELY after I tested positive to tell them to test and monitor her for any symptoms because I literally COVERED her in kisses less than 48 hours before I tested positive. She’s ok! She’s happy and healthy and the pictures that the camp has posted have been beautiful. I’m incredibly thankful that she’s having such a wonderful time while the rest of her family…well…I wouldn’t say we are having a “wonderful time” 😉

So that pretty sums up where I’ve been and why I’ve taken such a long and completely unintentional blogging break! Thank you to those who have reached out…I’m still here, just taking a bit of time to heal. As always, I’m so touched that so many of you have been wondering where I’ve been, especially since I don’t know the majority of you in real life. XO!

Here are 3 books I DID read before all of this:

I have a review of Lease on Love and Every Summer After coming soon and a review (and giveaway!) of The Mommy Clique coming soon as well! Stay tuned!

I received this beauty in the mail a few weeks ago…I can’t wait to read it ASAP! A review (and giveaway) of this one coming soon as well 🙂

And then this book, the book I was 100 pages into when Covid struck. It’s ok, I’m not really itching to get back into it which isn’t a great sign :). If you have read it, should I continue reading?

Here are some random photos from the past few weeks before the Vid struck:

Obsessed with these beautiful flowers and vase that my husband and son bought for me the day my daughter left for camp to cheer me up! You can see them in the picture of my nightstand above…I immediately brought them upstairs once I realized I would be quarantining in my bedroom so I could stare at them. How BEAUTIFUL are these???
Gorgeous cupcake that I ate a few weeks ago. I wish I could taste it now!
My daughter did this to my hair before she left!

Soooooo there you go. That’s where I’ve been. I’m REALLY hoping things start to look up and I can get back to my normal life soon! I am currently sitting outside in my backyard listening to birds chiping as I’m typing this blog post and it feels GREAT to be out here and doing something normal.

Current situation 💗

I hope you are doing well, staying Covid free, and enjoying your summer! I promise I’ll be back soon, I’ve really missed working on my favorite hobby! I just can’t really write a book blog when I’m not currently reading any books, lol.



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19 thoughts on “I Have Covid.

  1. Sorry Covid has been so hard on you and that your husband and son got it too. I’m glad your daughter was spared, at least. So nice to see a blog post from you and I hope you’ll get back into reading and reviewing soon.

    I’m actually DONE with 90 Day Fiance (as in the way Colt’s mom says it, if you watched that season). I watched religiously for a few years and then just lost interest as the couples were getting too boring for me. I’m glad to discuss some of the earlier seasons though. 🙂

    That 90’s edition of People magazine looks so cool! I’m sure that was a lot of fun to read.

    Also, I love your nail polish and the book-themed mug.

    Get well soon!!!


    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

      Ha! Omg Colt’s mom…she’s DONE…love it, lol. I started watching in December 2019 and I’m STILL working my way through all of the seasons AND most of the spin offs all in chronological order 🙂


  2. I am so sad to hear this. I had covid May 2020 and it was THE worst. Lasted three weeks. I’ll pray for continued recovery for you. It will pass. Just feels like it will take forever!!!💗 Sue

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  3. SO SO sorry you’re down with this dratted Covid! My husband and son had it a couple of weeks ago…and it missed me! My husband’s SECOND bout. There is hope for taste buds in the future…and since you’re in a house with 2 guys right now…maybe you don’t WANT to get your sense of smell back just yet? Ha! Anyhow, hope you’re feeling 100% as soon as possible! Sending HUGS to my reading pal!


  4. Jenny,
    So sorry to hear you and yours have been sick. It really stinks!! I hope you are feeling better and make a quick recovery.


  5. I’m so so sorry you are feeling miserable! I can’t believe you are still so sick after being fully vaccinated and boosted/ that is frightening! All that can be said is that “this too shall pass” ( as my grandmother would tell me), but in the meantime try to nurture yourself in every way possible.


  6. My husband and I had covid a few months ago. Pretty mild symptoms. So sorry you had such a severe case. Get well soon. I always look forward to your posts. I read “Book Lovers ” and enjoyed it. I would say, keep reading.


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